HSAP (Hybrid Serving/Analytics Processing)

Built as unify data storage for unified data service.

Optimized for Row-based and Column-based Storage

Supports both row-based and column-based storage. Row-based storage for data serving, and column-based storage for analytics.

One piece of data in Hologres unifies two set of data infrastructures.

Separating Computation and Storage

Resources are managed and scaled independenyly.

Written in C++

To deliver the ultimate performance!

Ultimate Storage Engine

Completely Asyc

Completely Async in the whole stack.

No Locking

Lock-free for resources. No waiting on locks, no part to slow you down.

Memory Management

Customized memory management with precise control for the ultimate results.

Modern Compute Engine

Custimized Scheduler & High Concurrency


Optimized for Hologres Storage