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Hologres Introduction

Hologres is a HSAP (Hybrid Serving/Analytics Processing) real-time data warehouse, unified for both PS-scale real-time data analytics and serving data for fast point-lookups.

What is HSAP?

HSAP is short for Hybrid Serving/Analytics Processing.

Advantages and Key Features

High Performance

Ingest real-time and batch data at extremely high throughput (hundreds of millions RPS) and low ingestion latency. Data ingested is immediately queryable!

Fast Point-Lookup

Extremely fast to point-lookup a needle in your haystack with datum’s primary keys.

Low Latency

Query PB-Scale data in sub-second latency, maximizing business values with multi-dimensional interactive analytics.

High Concurrency

Hologres can run hundreds of large queries at the same time without compromising query performance!

Has your team’s productivity been restricted by some products that can only run a handful of queries at the same time otherwise your query performance will degrade substantially?

If so, Hologres is the a game changer for your team.

BI Native

Seamlessly connect to your favourite BI tools, like Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, AWS Quicksight, via JDBC/ODBC

Fully Compatible with PostgreSQL

Hologres embraces the mature ecosystem of Postgres for all the standards and protocols.

That means, you can:

  • reuse all your existing favourite PostgreSQL tools without any migration
  • operate the same way as you operate a PostgreSQL instance. Minimum learning curving for people who are familiar with PostgreSQL.
  • leverage existing rich PostgreSQL extensions to get your jobs done

Upsert At-Scale As You Wish

Update and delete data as you wish!

Hologres empowering you to update and delete data at-scale with strong consistency. You can update and delete data as frequently as you want without having to worry about performance degrade and scalability. Data updated and deleted is strongly consistent across the cluster immediately.

Are you tired of a data warehouse let you only insert data but not update and delete? Don’t let the technology limitation become your business’ bottleneck.

Schema Enforcement

Validate your input data for free. Get no surprise when retrieving and using your data.

Built-in CDC (alpha)

Replicate your production OLTP database to Hologres directly for OLAP without any middleware required, for the ultimate simplicity

Full SQL Capability in ANSI Standard SQL

Run complex joins on your real-time and batch data for 360-degree insights.

Low Cost

Buy a license, then run as many queries as you like, and scan as much data as you like! We don’t charge you on the data usage!

You can even scale resources up and down on demand by benefiting from Hologres’ architecture separating compute and storage.

Flexible Deployment

Cloud-Native. Run anywhere: single machine, bare metal, Docker, Kubernetes.

Minimum deployment dependencies.

Secure and Reliable

Fault tolerent and highly available, data is replicated for redundancy.


HSAP (Hybrid Serving/Analytics Processing)

Built as unify data storage for unified data service.

Optimized for Row-based and Column-based Storage

Supports both row-based and column-based storage. Row-based storage for data serving, and column-based storage for analytics.

One piece of data in Hologres unifies two set of data infrastructures.

Separating Computation and Storage

Resources are managed and scaled independenyly.

Written in C++

To deliver the ultimate performance!

Ultimate Storage Engine

Completely Asyc

Completely Async in the whole stack.

No Locking

Lock-free for resources. No waiting on locks, no part to slow you down.

Memory Management

Customized memory management with precise control for the ultimate results.

Modern Compute Engine

Custimized Scheduler & High Concurrency


Optimized for Hologres Storage

Use Cases:

  • Real-time data warehouse
  • Unified real-time and batch analytics, a single warehouse for your real-time and batch data
  • Unified data serving, why not serving k-v data for extemely fast point-lookup with your warehouse, rather than keeping additional data stores
  • One-stop data solution for small and median-sized team
  • Unified data layer for machine learning
  • Metrics and monitoring

For more use cases, please see “Use Cases” section.